My messed up life

Well, I am really not fond of opening up and has been facing serious issues lately…My doctor tells me that i need to talk about it or else i will end up being miserable… After trying for a long time and many sessions, we established the fact that i cant talk to a person who knows me and who i am. after thinking a lot, my doctor came out with a solution that i should maintain a diary or a blog and write about what i feel. well, when it comes to writing your shitty problems and also making sure that nobody gets to know that, diary is a pretty bad idea. so here i am with my first write up, trying to tell express.


Well, a little about me…. i am engineer, super tall and super thin.. i use to have a pretty normal life… i use to be known as the play boy and fuck boy but in reality, i was none of them… Yes i have dated my share of girls but was never an asshole who played with feelings and all… i use to be more of a friend rather than a boyfriend…things were going pretty smooth and i was having the best time of my life… i was in engineering 3rd year and i was dating a girl named lets say “A”.. yes i would say “A” was a pain in the ass but we use to make it work…but even me and “A” were making things work. i was a carefree bird, who use to live his life on the edge and never care about anything and do all sorts of things people do in their early 20s. but i and “A” had some pretty big family issues and we both knew deep down that I and her wont be living happily after ever… so after a lot of drama, (B’coz “A” use to thrive on drama), I and “A” broke up…

while i was dating “A” i was in touch with a girl, lets call her “U”… well i and “U” knew each other as i was a a carefree kid, who use to roam around and ” U” were a hot chick…i along my friends use to follow her but never in wrong sense but in a fun manner and she always knew this…

Initially, i never knew her name but we were in the same college… she was a research associate and i was in my engineering… i use to go to her building just to check my attendance and get a glance of her….not bcoz i fell for her, but bcoz it was fun….

anyways coming back to where we left, i and “A” were about to brake up and i started talking to “U”…we clicked and we started talking… a lot… i use to tell her that i was facing a lot of problems with “A” and trying to get over them and make things right with A…. but after some time I and “A” broke up and i was still talking to “U”…. in the meanwhile, i n “U” became closer, we started talking about our personal lives, and she told me her secrets like she dated an asshole who never respected her and a lot of shit happened… in the meanwhile, we started going on rides and and meet a lot and daily… we both started developing some feelings and one night, during a ride, i held her hand and kissed her cheek…. the next day we made out at her place and thats was when i proposed to her…

it was nothing godly or over expensive…. i was at her place and we made kissed with a lot of passion…. i went down on my knees in a poorly lit room and told her that i love her…. she said yes and kissed me…. till than i just knew that she had an ex (“S”) and they parted their ways…

well, i was pretty sure that she is the one and i would do anything just to get her in my life… and i knew that no matter what happens, she is gonna be the love of my life and i am gonna end up with her…

that was where i was wrong…






















Author: musafirdiaryblog

Well, I am an engineer who went rogue, left his corporate life, started travelling and writing about it. Apart from that, i am heartbroken, seeing a psychiatrist and in a lot of pain.... but such is life.

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